MYcroSchool Pinellas How Public Art Impacts Our Community

How Does Public Art Impcat Our Community?

Photo: The Morean Arts Center, November 16, 2016

“How Does Public Art Impact Our Community?”

On November 16th, MYcroSchool Pinellas students and staff were fortunate enough to visit the Morean Arts Center and Hot Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Students were able to learn more about the making of art, the importance of art, and how art benefits their community. Drawing, painting, jewelry, class, photography, clay, print making, metal sculpture, and fiber arts are just a few of the mediums and workshops students were able to experience at the Morean Arts Center exhibit.

The Morean Arts Center offers an ever-changing selection of workshops ranging in length from 30 minutes to several days. The Morean Arts Center offers people of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds the opportunity to experience and participate in the arts. As a community-based visual arts organization that has been a part of the St. Petersburg cultural landscape since 1917, the Morean Arts Center, Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop, Morean Center for Clay and Chihuly Collection connect people with art through daily programming, offered 363 days a year.

Students also toured community murals at the St. Petersburg Mural Festival, SHINE. The festival, which received widespread media accolades in its first year, is a non-profit public art project built in partnership between local artists and community members. SHINE illuminates the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue, and uniting the St. Petersburg community.

Participating students wrote argumentative essays about public art and its impact on the community. AM session students were treated to a pizza party following the tours. PM session students enjoyed an ice cream social.

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MYcroSchool Pinellas How Public Art Impacts Our Community