MYcroSchool Jacksonville’s Senior Night

by Kelly Treat

MYcroSchool Jacksonville celebrated its graduating class with the 2014 Senior Night on March 27, 2014. This was the first “Senior Night” for the school and was hosted by the Guidance Department. This special night was hosted to invite seniors and their families to receive information pertaining to their ensuing graduation and options for college.

Pictured at right, Principal Rachel Maldonado and Senior Jasmine Davis discussing graduation.

Dr. Donna Williams invited several of the staff to host students and parents in their classroom to give information about the required assessments for graduation, Senior Projects, and ESE Waivers (SPED).  The entire staff at MYcroSchool Jacksonville worked to prepare the school to host the students and their families.

Pictured on left, Dr. Williams explaining Graduation requirements, academic histories, the graduation ceremony, scholarships, and financial aid.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville’s Senior Night