MYcroSchool Jacksonville is Ready for the New School Year!

MYcroSchool Jacksonville welcomed its new staff and set goals for the 2013-2014 school year.

Team players include Administrative Assistant Gwen Cummings, English Teacher Amy Crews, ESE and PE Teacher Kelly Treat, Creative Technology Teacher Stephen Booth, Social Studies Teacher Katie White, Instructional Technology Assistant and Testing Specialist Connie Clervaux, Spanish Teacher Jennifer Noriega, Math Teacher Gabriel Hurt, and Science Teacher Christiana Swanson. Strategic priorities for the year include reading and attendance/enrollment.

The principal’s vision includes the following outcomes:

  • ——Positive and caring environment that fosters inspiration and hope among students and staff
  • —A highly sought-after school with a reputation of calmness and excellence
  • A supportive and active school board
  • Guiding more students to graduation
  • A staff that can take the initiative to solve problems, exhibit perseverance and longevity, and stay positive
  • —A student body that is service-oriented, possesses life skills, has a solid work ethic, and is college-ready.

—MYcroSchool Jacksonville is certainly ready for the new school year!

MYcroSchool Jacksonville is Ready for the New School Year!