MYcroSchool Jacksonville Celebrates Student Success!

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Celebrates Student Success!
by Donna Williams

MYcroSchool Jacksonville gives a monthly award to students who excelled in academics, attendance, and citizenship. We are committed to supporting our learning community and maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Our teaching staff selected some outstanding students to be recognized as “Student of the Month.” We celebrated and recognized these students with certificates, ribbons, prizes, and a luncheon.

Brittany Haywood (pictured above) was truly excited to be selected by the MYcroSchool Jacksonville teachers. Brittany enjoys all her classes but especially English. She shared, “My favorite teacher is my English Teacher, Ms. Crews. She is kind hearted and understanding.”

Brittany is working hard to achieve her goals. She says, “My greatest aspiration for attending MYcroSchool Jacksonville is to graduate this year. Upon reaching graduation, I plan on enrolling at my local community college, Florida State College, Jacksonville. Soon after, I plan to attend Georgia State University or Spelman. My major is still undecided!”

Another exemplary student at MYcroSchool Jacksonville is Malik Davis. He was thrilled that his teachers selected him as Student of the Month. He says, “I love MYcroSchool Jacksonville. The best part is that I am constantly reminded by my favorite teacher, Ms. Swanson, that I have the tools to unlock the doors to my future. Ms. Swanson is my science teacher who brings out the best in me.”

Malik is determined to reach his goals which include finishing high school at MYcroSchool Jacksonville and enrolling in the military and college. Malik said, “Upon reaching my destination (graduation!), I plan to enlist in the U.S. Coast Guard and continue on my academic pathway to college.”

We wish Brittany and Malik well and are confident that if they continue to work hard they will achieve their goals.

Lastly, we are assisting our Seniors with scholarship opportunities. Thus far, one student was a recipient of a $1000 scholarship award to be utilized toward any four-year university, vocational or technical college!

Donna Williams is the guidance counselor at MYcroSchool Jacksonville.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Celebrates Student Success!