MYcroSchool Gainesville’s Latest Addition

By Nan Thomas

On September 23rd it was not a new staff member added to the MYcroSchool Gainesville family that generated interest; rather, it was a shiny new basketball hoop donated by GPD Officer Bobby White’s Basketball Cop Foundation.

Earlier in the week, custodian Dozie Sirmones received assistance from senior Katwain Daniels and junior Corey Daniels; they installed the school’s first basketball hoop. Located in the northeast parking lot, students who earned the right to partake in the bimonthly FUN FRIDAY had the choice between shooting hoops over watching an approved movie or playing computer games. Many chose to be outside for a game of ball with chaperone (and math/PE teacher) Alex Madriz.

When asked for his opinion of playing hoops on campus, senior Zephaniah Ferguson stated, “I had a great time. I enjoying spending time with my peers.” Ricky Jacobs, a junior, added, “It’s a good way to release energy. And it’s fun.”

Just as FUN FRIDAY is a reward for students who have excelled in academics and behavior, this new addition to our campus is a reward in itself, and it generated a great deal of interest among our student population. Thank you, Officer White, for your generous donation.

MYcroSchool Gainesville’s Latest Addition