MYcroSchool Gainesville Students Enjoy “Fun Friday”


By Nancy Thomas - English/Reading Teacher

“Bring It On - Fun Friday”

MYcroSchool Gainesville students enjoy Fun Friday with their new volleyball net. Thanks to Electives Teacher Dennis Harsh and his teacher lead funds from the State, senior Zephaniah Ferguson (in red) and junior Madison Grammer (forefront), along with their peers, played their first friendly match of volleyball.

Ms. Grammer was quick to thank Mr. Harsh, as well as Mr. Dozie who filled the cement buckets needed to secure the poles and net. The Fun Friday student-led volleyball match complemented the game of basketball nearby.

MYcroSchool Gainesville Charter School

MYcroSchool Gainesville Charter High School

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MYcroSchool Gainesville Students Enjoy “Fun Friday”