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MYcroSchool Goes off to College!
By Nan Thomas, English Teacher

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Santa Fe College Field Trip!

Twenty-five MYcroSchool Gainesville students attended a field trip to Santa Fe College on Thursday, December 8th. The visit was the brainchild of Pastor Gerard Duncan who has facilitated the Mentor2Mentor program at MYcroSchool since the 2015 school year. Ms. Nan Thomas is the program’s school liaison.

Students toured the downtown campus and were treated to an introductory course in computer coding. They received financial aid information as well as information on how to select a major. Degree programs were discussed. A catered lunch (sponsored by Pastor Duncan’s group Innovative Dads) concluded the campus visit.

MYcroSchool’s Penny Sirmones and Dennis Harsh accompanied the students on the field trip. Very special thanks are extended to the following who made this wonderfully productive trip possible: Andy Anderson: Santa Fe Academic Advisor; Tyrus Bradshaw: Santa Fe Program Support Specialist; Cheryl Calhoun: Director of Santa Fe Blount Center & Dean of Educational Centers; Christina Gardner-McCune: U.F. Computer Information Technology; Officer Jason King: Gainesville Police Department (Chaperone); Jane Nichols: Santa Fe Blount Center Computer Networking; Diana Smith: Santa Fe Coordinator of Student Services, and Jimmy Yawn: Santa Fe Career Resources.

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