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By Nan Thomas, English Teacher

“The English 4 CSL is just a better way to learn”

MYcroSchool’s English 4 CSL students (in alphabetical order):
Lauren Arnold, Zack Byrd, Caroline Chumack, Ka’twain Daniels, Zephaniah Ferguson, Courtney Gary, David Houston, Ebony Johnson, Daryl Latson, Johnathan Leroy, Sholophious McCoy, Myra Molina, Kaleb Powers, Keiona Robinson, Gerrika Rushing, Tavarus Smith, Gregory Tennell and Sha’Von Youman (Absent: Tyler Bryant, Shaniya Davis, and Alexis Stevens)

On April 21, MYcroSchool Gainesville Charter High School teacher, Ms. Nan Thomas's, English 4 CSL class conducted mock employment interviews. The 18 of 21 students conducted this role play activity as part of their final exam in the four-week course. In the class, students learned proper employment salutations, attire, posture and handshakes. They learned the importance of having excellent interpersonal, multi-tasking, organizational and time management skills. And they learned what to say and not say in a job interview, as well as how to say it. After one day of hands-on practice, the students came to school dressed for success.

Using instructor-prepared material, each member of management interviewed an applicant. After a 25-minute interview was conducted and each “boss” jotted down notes about his/her job applicant, a grade sheet on the applicant was completed with a recommendation to either hire or not (and why). Then the roles shifted and the second interview was conducted.

This learning activity was well-received by all participants. Clothed in a professional black dress and heels, Senior Sha’Von Youman stated, “The interviewing lesson was excellent practice for those who haven’t had actual interviews. I enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot.” Junior Shaniya Davis added, “The English CSL is fast learning. I learn better in a group than at my own pace. We do more projects, which is interesting.” And the classroom’s Excel student expert (Senior Kaleb Powers) said, “The interviewing lesson was a great experience for soon-to-be graduates who will become members of the workforce. The English 4 CSL is just a better way to learn.”

It appears this first-ever MYcroSchool English CSL (direct instruction) course has been a success. As its instructor, I could not be more proud of the twenty-one students who participated in the course; however, I am especially proud of how well each handled the Interviewing 101 activities. These students put their hearts and souls into learning the material and then demonstrated their knowledge of successful interviewing. Each surpassed any expectation I had prior to the onset of the lesson. They not only stepped up to the plate, but hit the ball out of the ballpark!

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