MYcroSchool Citrus Newsletter for January 2016

MYCC_monthly_2016-01 NEW BEGINNINGS
Classes are now in session! Several changes have occurred at MYcroSchool Citrus with the start of a new calendar year. We’re excited about our new students, new schedule, new teacher and LUNCH! Student contact time now occurs between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. Students are scheduled in classes beginning at either 7:30am (early start) or 10:00am (late start). All students have the opportunity to eat lunch from 11:15-11:45am.

Our flexible scheduling permits students to arrive at various times with the understanding that they are required to spend at least five hours a day in the building working on coursework. The new students whom we’ve welcomed into our MYcroSchool family are extremely pleasant and excited about the opportunity to earn their high school diploma!

Student schedules now include a target completion date, current GPA, and number of credits needed to graduate. Beginning January 25th, seniors will attend weekly Senior Seminars with Ms. Eatman to discuss their academic progress, goals, and to develop strategies to make sure they meet those goals. During the process, students will track and record their own progress towards meeting their goals. To further encourage and assist students, we are partnering with college students and graduates to come in and act as mentors for our students. Currently, the United Way is working with some of our students weekly to help remove any financial barriers there may prohibit their educational pursuit.

Hard work, self determination and consistency pays off. Jorge Zavala joined our family in January. This husband and father attends school and works full time to support his family. He is focused, driven and has completed his first class already.

Please join us in congratulating Reanna Leamen. She successfully passed the reading and math ACT to meet graduation requirements! She continues to set the example for other students to follow as she works towards earning her high school diploma.

Open enrollment happening NOW! Only 50 seats available. Hurry and get your application in BEFORE February 5, 2016. Call 352-527-0900 with any questions. Don’t miss this opportunity!

MYcroSchool Citrus Newsletter for January 2016