GED vs High School Diploma

What's the difference between a GED Certificate and a
High School Diploma?


GED vs High School Diploma MYcroSchool

n the past, student's that were not able to graduate from high school could take a few tests and get a GED certificate. More recently, many organizations and companies are no longer recognizing equivalency exams as a valid substitute to a standard high school diploma. Even the U.S. Military has limits on the number of enlistees without a high school diploma. Furthermore, a GED does not provide students with the necessary skills in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

GED Certificate
In addition to not being prepared for a bright future, a GED is just a certificate and not the same as a standard high school diploma.Although a high school equivalency test may be a faster alternative, students will not acquire the necessary skills to become successful in career and college. The chances of being accepting into college or landing a good job will drastically increase. There is no substitute for a high quality education that a traditional high school program can provide. If the intention is to enroll into college and start a career, a standard high school diploma is a much better option. 

Standard High School Diploma
MYcroSchool Charter High Schools are a great choice to earn a standard high school diploma in Florida. MYcroSchool campuses are fully accredited by the AdvancED Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS CASI). Student's can choose from morning or afternoon class sessions to fit anyone's needs. Furthermore, the smaller class sizes allow teachers to focus on students that need the most help and ensure all students graduate on time. Last but not least, MYcroSchool offers tuition-free high school diploma. There are no enrollment fees, classes are free and enrollment is easy.

Instead of settling for a GED certificate, make a life changing decision and get a standard high school diploma from MYcroSchool. 

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MYcroSchools are small learning communities that provide a high school program for students who need to get back on-track to graduation. Rather than viewing students at-risk of failure, MYcroSchools consider students at-promise of success. This tuition-free public charter high school program engages students through relationship-focused, high-tech, and rigorous learning experiences. Graduates emerge prepared for careers, the military, and/or more education.

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS CASI)
Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS CASI)