Expansion of the MYcroSchool Gainesville Family

MYcroSchool Gainesville has welcomed several new staff members.

Ms. Tiffany Smith, ITA

Ms. Tiffany Smith is the new ITA at MYcroSchool Gainesville. Prior to her fulltime position, Ms. Smith was the school’s Great Leaps lead reading tutor. With a 2013 Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, she comes to us with additional experience in the classroom as a volunteer at three area public schools. Ms. Smith handles new student orientation and she tutors in the math classroom. She enjoys “teaching students how to make use of the resources offered,” and wants to see them “set and achieve realistic and attainable higher goals.” In her spare time, Ms. Smith can be found listening to country and rock music, watching Gator football, and decorating a very special room for her son (who is set to arrive in February).

Mr. Dozie Sirmones, Custodian

MYcroSchool welcomes Mr. Dozie Sirmones as its new custodian. Hailing from the Gainesville Job Corps Center where he worked as an Independent Living Counselor, Mr. Sirmones has been married to our school’s administrative assistant, Ms. Penny, for almost two decades. They share six children. Asked what he likes best about his job, Mr. Sirmones stated, “I enjoy the kids and the staff.” A native Floridian, Mr. Sirmones is a big fan of Florida State football, as well as antique car shows. Personal words of wisdom: “In anything in life we all have our problems and our ups and downs. We just have to learn to deal with each other.”

Mr. Ryan Lloyd, Science Teacher

Mr. Ryan Lloyd joins us as a fulltime science teacher. A 2013 graduate of the University of Florida with a Master’s in Biological Oceanography, Mr. Lloyd (known as “Fish” to his friends) began his MYcroSchool career last year as a math tutor. A challenge of his job he intends to meet is “trying to make difficult scientific subjects relatable to the students.” He chose MYcroSchool because “many kids need a second chance or an alternative way to learn and MYcroSchool can give them that.” Mr. Lloyd is an avid UF football fan who enjoys hunting and fishing. His personal goal is to become a certified scuba diving instructor.

Ms. Carrie Plotz, ESE Specialist

MYcroSchool’s new ESE Specialist is Ms. Carrie Plotz. This is Ms. Plotz’s 4th year at the school after working in the capacity of Career Specialist and ESE Support. Prior to arriving at MYcroSchool, Ms. Plotz was AMIKids’ Educational Director for five years. She has a degree in Youth and Community, and she is working on her Master’s in Special Education. Her favorite part of her new role is “meeting and getting to know students one on one.” Her new goal for her one hundred plus ESE students is “to try to keep them positive and motivated to move forward, and not to become discouraged…’cause life happens.” In her spare time, Ms. Plotz can be found at antique and craft fairs, as well as yard sales.

Mr. Daniel Barnett, Reading Teacher

Mr. Daniel Barnett is MYcroSchool’s new fulltime teacher of reading. With a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Reading Education from the University of Florida, Mr. Barnett previously taught as an adjunct professor in prewriting and reading at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, and at the SIATech Jacksonville. Appreciative of the “opportunity to work one-on-one with students,” he is prepared to face the challenges of his new position, which include the “lack of attendance” that “can hinder student progress.” A husband with a two-month-old daughter to occupy his time, Mr. Barnett still finds time to enjoy Gator football as well as working with the youth of his church parish.


Expansion of the MYcroSchool Gainesville Family