Everything you wanted to know about MYcroSchool, and then some

The new white paper on MYcroSchool was released this week. This publication provides explanation of some of the key elements of the MYcroSchool model including individualized learning plans, competency-based learning, and small learning communities. There is discussion of the educational philosophies that are a foundation of the school model.

MYcroSchool is focused on credit recovery, dropout recovery, and solving the dropout crisis to keep more students in school and on-track to graduation.

An excerpt:

“MYcroSchool promotes an idea whose time has come. Never has ‘Real Learning for Real Life’ been more critical to the success of our students, our education system, our economy, and our democracy. All students deserve a chance to be contributing members of their communities. Competency-based education in an individual student growth model coupled with rigor, relevance and relationship, in a high tech and high touch environment, facilitates a unique experience and meaningful transformation that creatively meets the needs of a 21st century economy and culture.”

If you have any questions about MYcroSchool, please ask today: info@mycroschool.org

Everything you wanted to know about MYcroSchool, and then some

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  • October 1, 2012 at 11:45 am

    The school requires 24 credits to graduate. Graduates of MYcroSchool earn a standard high school diploma. The length of time depends on where the student is in their education, however this is an accelerated competency-based program so you can expect that you would graduate faster than you would at a traditional school. Visit or call your local MYcroSchool to discuss your specific situation. Thanks for the good questions!

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