About Pasco MYcroSchool


MYcroSchool provides a premier high school dropout recovery program engaging students through relationship-focused, high-tech, and rigorous personalized learning experiences resulting in
Real Learning for Real Life™.

About Pasco MYcroSchool Educational Programs

Learn more about Pasco MYcroSchool's educational programs including its curriculum that emphasizes preparing students for today’s economy with a strong emphasize on real life skills that can be transferred to the world of work and/or college. MYcroSchool has teacher-directed instruction in a student-centered environment with a high emphasis on innovative technology that engages students.

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Pasco MYcroSchool Finance and Academic Information

  • Student Code of Conduct (Pasco County Schools)
  • Pasco MYcroSchool State of Florida Fiscal Audits
  • Florida State Charter School Auditor Web Page
  • Pasco MYcroSchool School Budget 17-18
  • Pasco MYcroSchool School Budget 16-17
  • School Improvement Plan 2017 -2018

Pasco MYcroSchool Education Management Information

Some of MYcroSchool’s educational management services are provided by NEWCorp. Questions and requests for additional information may be sent to info@mycroschool.org.

Governance Documents

  • Public Participation at Meetings - Policy Number 1100
  • Complaint Procedures - AP 1301
  • Complaint Procedures-Personnel - Policy Number 1301
  • Complaint Procedures-Form

Pasco MYcroSchool  Out of Field Notice

Announcement from Pasco MYcroSchool on out of field status due to subject requirement. Out of Field Notice

School Capacity

School Capacity/Maximum Classroom Size:

Application Process Policy

Pasco MYcroSchool Policy 5111 - Admissions & Enrollment

Accountability Report (SIR)

Pasco MYcroSchool Accountabillity Report (SIR) 2016-17