Trish Utter MYcroSchool Testimonial

Thank you MYcroSchool for doing what was said to be impossible and giving my son a bright future.

MYcroSchool Graduation Testimonial
Proud mother, Trish Utter, at her sons 2015 Graduation from MYcroSchool.

“My son was falling behind in his old high school and was told he would not graduate. I had relentlessly asked for guidance but no one took the time to help.  I knew he was smart and capable of doing the work. Then I found MYcroSchool. My son transferred with only a few months left until graduation. Once he enrolled at MYcroSchool, they gave him the attention and skills he needed! MYcroSchool went above and beyond my expectations. My child needed someone who would take him step-by-step through his work and follow-up to make sure his schoolwork was accurate and complete. Teacher John Fuller kept me informed of my son’s accomplishments and also when he needed to be encouraged. Now I am the proud mother of a high school graduate!”   – Trish Utter