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MYcroSchool Gainesville Charter High School

Mycroschool Gainesville Charter High School is a tuition-free charter school and provides students with a High School Diploma in Gainesville, Florida.

MYcroSchool Gainesville serves students in grades 8-12. To enroll as an 8th grader, a student must have failed one or more grades. MYcroSchool is especially designed to help students get back on-track to graduation. The school enrolls new students throughout the school year. Contact us today at (352) 379-2902 or through the Student Interest Form to see if MYcroSchool is a fit for you!

2209 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32609

Phone: (352) 379-2902
Fax: (352) 379-2956

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Monday 7:30am 4:30pm
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Tuition-Free High School Diploma!

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Open Enrollment for all of Alachua County:

We accept students coming form any area even if not listed.

  • Gainesville
  • Arredondo 
  • Windsor
  • West Hills
  • Tioga
  • Jonesville
  • La Crosse
  • Waldo
  • Orange Heights
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  • Lochloosa
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  • Micanopy
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  • Traxler 

Latest News

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Hurricane Irma MYcroSchool Gainesville will be Closed on Monday-Friday Due to Hurricane Irma (9/7/2017) - MYcroSchool Gainesville will be CLOSED on  Monday, September 11, Tuesday, September 12, Wednesday, September 13, Thursday, September 14, and Friday, September 15, 2017, due to Hurricane Irma. All school-related activities are cancelled. Schools are expected to reopen Monday, September 18. In case of emergency, contact: Randy Starling 352-745-6601 Daniel Barnett 352-727-8071 Penny Sirmones 904-263-8625
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MYcroSchool Gainesville High School Graduation June 1, 2017 (5/15/2017) - Welcome Graduates and Guests! Join us on June 1 at 6:00 P.M. as we celebrate the class of 2017 at the Annual Commencement Ceremonies of MYcroSchool Gainesville High School. We expect to see hundreds of family members and friends cheering on their graduates as they are awarded. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE MADE IT! Your accomplishment signifies that you... Read More
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Academic Calendars:

August 17, 2015 – June 13, 2016

August 08, 2016 – June 06, 2017

For new students who have not yet enrolled: Please complete your application paperwork, compile requested personal items, and turn them into the school office. Your name will be put on a waiting list, and you will be called with a date when you can report to New Student Academy.

About MYcroSchool Gainesville

We want your feedback!

Be sure to visit the information table at the graduation on June 5, 2015 at 2:00pm for a short survey. Your answers are an important part of our AdvancED accreditation review. Email for more information.

MYcroSchool Gainesville is a new tuition-free public charter high school in Alachua County. The SACS accredited school provides blended learning opportunities that are more flexible than traditional schools. There are 4-hour morning and afternoon sessions at different times each day to accommodate student needs to employment, family responsibilities, or vocational training.

MYcroSchool Classroom Rendering Projector and Workspace

MYcroSchool Classroom Computers, Projector, and Workspace

Every student that enrolls in MYcroSchool Gainesville has an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) created. The ILP ensures that the high school program reflects the student's academic needs and career interests. The ILP also creates a set of goals and provides a roadmap to help the student get back on-track to graduation.

The standard 4-hour session is supplemented by a fifth hour called the Post-Secondary Readiness block. This extra hour provides an opportunity for the student to participate in career and post-secondary explorations.

Are you an interested student or parent? Complete the Student Interest Form to begin the enrollment process or simply learn more about the school. You can download MYcroSchool Gainesville's registration packet, complete it, and bring it to enroll. We will call you with a date to report to orientation.

Read MYcroSchool's Mission, Vision, Values, & Focus here.

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