Pinellas MYcroSchool Visit the Florida Holocaust Museum

Pinellas MYcroSchool Visit The Florida Holocaust Museum

Title I Extended Learning Projects

“Florida Holocaust Museum”

SeveralPinellas MYcroSchool students from Ms. Page's Social Studies/World History classes who completed on time lessons and classroom projects including studies of WWII, the rise of Hitler and the persecution of many groups by the Nazis participated in a field trip to the Florida Holocaust Museum today. Students used critical thinking to analyze reading passages, analyzed how/why history repeats itself, compiled biographies for our Holocaust Project. Each students choose individuals Holocaust to research and report on. Students worked individually and as groups to prepare verbal and written presentations. Students were asked to think of those who are persecuted and participated in classroom discussions of "The Other Victims." Students used materials from the Florida Holocaust Museum's Educational Trunk for their research projects.

The students and faculty of Pinellas MYcroSchool are grateful to Target Field Trips/Scholarships America for providing funding for this extended learning experience!

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Pinellas MYcroSchool Visit the Florida Holocaust Museum