MYcroSchool Gainesville Goes to the Movies

MYcroSchool Gainesville Goes to the Movies
By Nan Thomas - English/Reading Teacher

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Celebrate Black History Month!

In honor of Black History Month, twenty-six young women joined Registrar Delia Hunt and English Teacher Nan Thomas, of MYcroSchool Gainesville High School, for a field trip to watch Hidden Figures, an excellent biographical drama about three inspirational black women who were instrumental at NASA. Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson worked hard behind the scenes to help launch astronaut John Glenn and the Friendship 7 into orbit on February 2, 1962.

Principal Randy Starling highly recommended the movie after viewing it twice, once with his high school aged daughter. Many seconded his love for the film. According to junior Courtney Gary, “It was an inspirational film” that taught her not to give up on her dreams; “you have to persevere.” Senior Ebony Johnson stated, “He (NASA’s Al Harrison played by Kevin Costner) made everyone equal; that helped to stop racism in a place of business.” And Garyana Smith, a freshman at MYcroSchool, added her words of wisdom, “Life is not about colors; it’s about caring.”

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MYcroSchool Gainesville Goes to the Movies