MYcroSchool Gainesville School Choice Week Open House

MYcroSchool School Choice Week Open House
By Nan Thomas, English Teacher

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Come Celebrate With Us!

On the 26th of January, parents, guardians, and members of the community were invited to attend a gathering at the school. Staff-recommended student ambassadors provided visitors tours of the building where they learned about the curriculum, school programs and policies, and they could discuss a wide variety of topics with teachers and staff.

It was also an excellent opportunity for potential future MYcroSchool families to get their questions answered before filling out school registration forms. The evening concluded with pizza, cake and door prizes.

A very special thank you to our 2017 School Choice Week Ambassadors: Katwain Daniels, Courtney Gary, Natalie Lewis, Ah’mya Moutanez, Alexis Privalle, Gerrika Rushing, and Marie’e Williams.

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MYcroschool is a tuition-free public Charter School which serves all Alachua County students. We strive to bring out the best in each of our students, and to help them make the most of themselves and their future.

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MYcroSchool Gainesville School Choice Week Open House