MYcroSchool Citrus Monthly Newsletter – February 2016


MYCC_HDRStriving for excellence in education leads to student success. MYcroSchool Citrus is blessed to have one of Florida’s highest impact teachers on our team working daily with our students. Mr. Woodrow Worley has been recognized by Commissioner Pam Stewart with this distinguished honor.

Worley’s teaching style and approachable demeanor engages students in the math classroom. One of his students announced to potential students during orientation that, “Mr. Worley is the best math teacher I’ve ever had.” Watching Mr. Worley interact with his students supports what is evidenced by the data from the state.



Prevention Specialist, Lorrie van Voorthuijsen from the Hanley Center Foundation visited our school for the Alcohol Literacy Challenge. During her presentation, van Voorthuijsen presented students results of studies conducted demonstrating that a person’s behavior while under the influence of alcohol is a result of how the person thinks more so than alcohol actually changing the person’s behavior.

Students watched several advertising campaigns and college students who were a part of the study. At the end of the presentation, students acknowledged they did learn new information from the presentation. Hopefully through programs like this we will see a decline in alcohol abuse.


MYCC_monthly_2016-02Please join us in congratulating Keri Tribble. She is our newest MYcroSchool Citrus GRADUATE!!! Keri came to MYcroSchool Citrus determined that she was going to earn her high school diploma and that is exactly what she did. We are very proud of her accomplishment and we know that she will go on to do great things.

Course Completers! Our students work at their own pace earning high school credits. Several courses have been completed since school began in August!

MYcroSchool Citrus Monthly Newsletter – February 2016