MYcroSchool Pinellas Graduates Featured in Tampa Bay Times

Congratulations to Rebecca Vasconcelos Rodrigues, valedictorian, and Anissa Basulto, salutatorian for all their achievements. The two were featured among the top Pinellas high school students in today’s Tampa Bay Times.

Below are the comments from these students published in the newspaper including shout outs to MYcroSchool Pinellas staff members Ms. Rosario and Ms. Faye!

Rebecca Vasconcelos Rodrigues, 18, Valedictorian

GPA: 3.5

PARENTS: Marcy and Jose Rodrigues

COLLEGE: University of South Florida St. Petersburg

INFLUENCED BY: My mother, who has taught me strength and determination.

SHOUT-OUT: To Mrs. Rosario for motivating me throughout my time at MYcroSchool.

BEST MEMORY: Being awarded student of the month.

MADE IT THROUGH: Towards the end of my senior year. I had to go to school for two sessions a day so I could finish all of my work before the deadline.

PASSION IN LIFE: Health, nutrition and languages.

BEST THING I LEARNED: Through hard work and perseverance anything is possible.

Anissa K. Basulto, 18, Salutatorian

GPA: 3.3

PARENTS: Sheri Basulto and Ramon Dominguez

COLLEGE: Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Tallahassee

INFLUENCED BY: My mother and her strength. She never stopped believing in me, no matter what mistakes I made along the way.

SHOUT-OUT: To Mrs. Rosario, who always had confidence in me, even the times I didn’t have it in myself.

BEST MEMORY: When I found out I passed my FCAT and was able to walk with my high school class.

MADE IT THROUGH: Meeting my high school graduation deadline.

PASSION IN LIFE: To be the best “me,” I can be.

BEST THING I LEARNED: Our school registrar, Ms. Faye, taught me to always put myself first and never let anyone or anything get in my way.

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MYcroSchool Pinellas Graduates Featured in Tampa Bay Times