Alachua County Boasts Increased Graduation Rate in 2012-2013

According to a recent report published by the Alachua County Public Schools, “The graduation rate is up at six of Alachua County‚Äôs seven high schools and rose by four percentile points this year for all seven schools combined, from 78% to 82%.”

The Alachua high schools and their diligent staff are to be commended for this good news on improving the outcomes for more students!

MYcroSchool Gainesville’s graduation rate is lower than this overall rate however our school does help to increase the graduation rates of area high schools. By enrolling students who have dropped out, MYcroSchool helps the students get back on-track to graduation AND helps local high schools by enabling them to consider that student a transfer rather than a drop. It is a win-win in that regard.

The district’s report comments that MYcroSchool students are mostly from outside the district. This is not entirely true. When asked, Principal Randy Starling commented, “None of my students are out of county.” Perhaps a future analysis might be able to look further into the twists and turns of students who enroll in MYcroSchool and other dropout recovery high school programs.

It is wonderful to learn that graduation rates are improving in the county and much credit is due to the schools in the district. Congratulations to Alachua County Public Schools and their progress in increasing graduation rates!

Alachua County Boasts Increased Graduation Rate in 2012-2013