MYcroSchool Jacksonville Student on Path to Success

MYcroSchool Jacksonville student gives senior project at high school in floridaMYcroSchool Jacksonville¬†studentMark Piecara¬†gave his senior presentation to a packed house of students. From day one Mark has done whatever it takes to “get the A” and has grown tremendously as a student and person.

Mark has become the go-to “math guy” in his classes, where students often look to him for a fresh perspective on a tough problem. Over the course of the year, he has also become the resident creative tech expert through all his trials and triumphs with the various assignments there.

His senior projects revolved around his business plan for an IT/computer service firm called “Techno Bullet” for which he had a very eye catching logo.

As Mark graduates and moves on to his next endeavor, he will be known as a person that everybody could get along with and look to as a model of consistency and excellence.

Stephen Booth is the Creative Tech / Senior Projects instructor at MYcroSchool Jacksonville.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Student on Path to Success