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11April-MYcroSchool Monthly


MYcroSChool Citrus Students cultivate outdoors and lay the foundation down to a barn and a solid career. Students are exposed to real work experience and learn to work as a team while applying the skills they learned in class to a real world project.

Incorporating practical experiences in teaching and learning yields the best results. Thanks to a grant from the Citrus County Education Foundation, our students are actively engaged in a project that includes math, science, English and agriculture. Mr. Worley wrote and received a grant that engages his students in agriculture while learning and applying math, science, and English concepts. Check out our Facebook Page for video of the students on their first day outside.

Students working as a team on a school project.
Students get hands on experience and learn to work as a team using math, science, and English concepts.
Teacher gets down and dirty with students cultivating.
Students get their hands dirty and get experience.
Students and Teachers getting down and dirty with an outdoor project.
MYcroSchool Citrus Students learn to work together and solve real world problems.
Students learn to work together and solve real world problems.
Students get to work out doors and put the skills they have learned in class to the test.

Student Spotlight

LaShawna Matos earning her high school diploma and becomes a role model for students.

LaShawna Matos has been working consistently the past month to complete coursework needed to obtain her high school diploma. She has become a role model for her peers by demonstrating that hard work and diligence leads to results.

Congratulations to Marshall Polion for overcoming a true hurdle standing between him and his diploma! We are proud of his perseverance and fight. Marshall continues to work towards meeting all graduation requirements and we know he will succeed!

Against all odds, Marshall Polion, sticks to the coursework to graduation.