by Constance Clervaux

Guests enjoy the feast. From back to front, Evan Church (student presenter), Jeremy Denson (student presenter), Darius Charles (student), and two female guests of Sanshay Nelms (student presenter).

The 2nd Annual Leadership Feast showcased our school and students.

The event was a big success. It was well received by students, parents, and staff, as well as our new community partners: Coastal Bay Services, All I Know, Inc., and Atlantic Coast Bank (Normandy Branch).

As guests arrived they were graciously greeted by students Selena Burgos and Tytianna Gordon who welcomed them to the MYcroSchool Jacksonville campus.

As guests arrived they were graciously greeted by students (left to right) Jemesha Riggins, Selena Burgos, and Tytianna Gordon.

In addition to a tasty buffet with all the holiday fixings, several students gave presentations to an interested audience.

The guests were seated in several classrooms while a creative upbeat visual presentation flashed student work across classroom whiteboards.



Student presenters included:

  • Dimitri Jordan (Maps to Music, Geography)
  • Cheyenne LaRue, Jeremy Denson, and Evan Church (Final Creative Tech Senior Projects)
  • MYcroSchool Jacksonville student Luis Nesbitt presents his social studies project.

    Luis Nesbitt (Revolutionary War Storybook Sample)

  • Sanshay Nelms (Poem on Child Labor, Social Studies)
  • Marlin Dale (Small Business Preparation)
  • Tyran Ford (Historical Research/Writing, English)

The event was a wonderful opportunity to kick off the holiday season while learning more about the exciting things happening at MYcroSchool Jacksonville!