MYcroSchool Citrus was featured in the Citrus County Chronicle on September 25, 2014, in an article entitled, “Charter School One Step Closer: School Board Approves Application for Institution Designed to Put Dropouts Back on Track.”

According to the article, MYcroSchool Citrus charter high school was a viable solution for serving older students who want to return to school in Citrus County. Existing schools in the county are unable to accommodate fifth-, sixth-, or seventh-year seniors due to state mandates. MYcroSchool Citrus charter school provides these students an opportunity to finish school.

Joy Baldree, director of education and a former Citrus County educator, fielded the numerous questions from the Citrus County School Board. She clearly explained the MYcroSchool model: it will be a small sized school with personalized learning where students can earn a standard high school diploma once they complete all classes and state requirements. The school hours will be 7:30 am to 5:30 pm so students can attend the morning or afternoon sessions. And, the school will not cost the students and be tuition-free.

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