MYcroSchool Gainesville and MYcroSchool Jackonville Staff membersMYcroSchool Gainesville extended a helping hand before school started this year.

Five staff members from MYcroSchool Gainesville, John Fuller, Brian Giles, Scott Hunter, Michael Warren and Dennis Harsh went to MYcroSchool Jacksonville’s New Staff Academy to provide “in the trenches” training to all new staff members.

MYcroSchool Gainesville’s veteran staff gave real time training on curriculum modules, classroom setup and management, testing and data, and what works best in the classroom.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville new staff were :

  •  Amy Crews-English
  • Constance Clervaux-ITA/Testing Specialist
  • Stephen Booth-Electives – Returning staff member
  • Christiana Swanson-Science
  • Gabriel Hurt-Math
  • Kelly Treat-ESE/P.E. – Returning staff member