MYcroSchool Jacksonville parent open house nightIn order to improve relations with the community and reach out to parents and students,MYcroSchool Jacksonville held a parent-teacher conference night to share student progress. Pictured are Ashley Colburn and Ms. Treat.

All members of the student community were invited and refreshments were provided. For parents and students that came, it was an effective event and a positive reinforcement for students.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville parent open house nightStudents were able to ascertain where they were in the curriculum and have goal-setting individual conferences with their teachers. Pictured in the Science Lab are Student Joshua Torres and his sister.

Seniors were especially appreciative to be able to conference with staff on an individual uninterrupted basis. Thanks to all who participated.

Congratulations to the 13 graduates who participated in our first graduation ceremony on June 4! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

MYcroSchool sites will be closed for the summer but the offices will be periodically open to welcome new students who are interested in enrollment. View MYcroSchool Jacksonville’s summer hours. The first day of school is August 19.

Rachel Maldonado is the principal of MYcroSchool Jacksonville.