by John Fuller

MYcroSchool Gainesville students listen to guest speaker tell them about the HolocaustMYcroSchool Gainesville students in the Intensive Reading class began a book study on the novel Night. This book is part of the “Read a Book a Month” program and was selected to be used to help prepare students for the upcoming February 9th ACT.

To help students prepare to read the novel, Mrs. Marilyn Shaw was invited to give a presentation to my Intensive Reading Classes. Mrs. Shaw has traveled to the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz twice. She displayed pictures and stories from her travels to help prepare the students to connect with the story on an emotional level, thus ensuring students really examine and work with the text.

This experience has helped the students gather a greater appreciation for the novel and what the Jewish people and other prisoners endured during this horrific time in history.

MYcroSchool Gainesville thanks Mrs. Shaw for her time and presentation!

Business Start-Up Project: With the Common Core State Standards now impacting our students, some simple modifications to certain projects by Mr. Fuller have allowed for the involvement of local business owners in our school.

MYcroSchool Gainesville student reaches out to local entrepreneurs as part of the business start-up projectTo follow the MYcroSchool and SIATech philosophy of “Real Learning for Real Life,” students are now required to contact a local business owner about what it actually takes to open that type of business. As shown, student Jacqueline Pittman sits at Mr. Fuller’s computer emailing Patticakes, a local Gainesville bakery, for her Business Start-Up Project.

Mr. Fuller has gathered a list of local entrepreneurs in the Gainesville area that have agreed to answer emailed questions from students about starting a business. The list of community partners includes a restaurant, bakery, ice cream shop, lawn care, and a contractor, with more to come!

The support of the Gainesville Community Business Partners is allowing our students to dive deeper into the Business Start-Up Project!

John Fuller is the English instructor at MYcroSchool Gainesville.