MYcroSchool is focused on helping students who have been out of school to get back on-track to graduation. MYcroSchool creates personalized learning communities tailored to the needs of its students and surrounding neighborhoods.

MYcroSchool Gainesville is the first of its kind. As the school has evolved over the course of this inaugural year, the school’s leadership has created and innovated right along with it. One MYcroSchool Gainesville enhancement is the New Student Orientation Institute that began in April.

The picture shows our first graduating class of the New Student Orientation Institute. The four students pictured with Principal Randy Starling are Chuncey Campbell, Khadijah Cooper, Jade Taylor, and Chevon Williams.

In the New Student Orientation Institute, students come to school for five consecutive days for two hours. They cannot miss a day or be late. While here, they work on new student skills that stress punctuality and attendance, social situations, study skills, leadership skills, and other attitudes and behaviors that will help them successfully relaunch their academic careers.

At the New Student Orientation Institute, students are also introduced to teachers. MYcroSchool emphasizes the importance of the teacher-student relationship, and this provides a chance to begin building that rapport.

During the New Student Orientation Institute, MYcroSchool leaders formulate each student’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Students take their baseline assessments which provide data that can inform instruction. A student’s educational history, transcripts, and goals are discussed which are taken into account in the ILP.

On Friday, the ones that have made it all week receive a certificate of completion and a half a credit in leadership skills. I have their ILP and schedule ready and go over that with them so that they are ready to start school on Monday.

A lot was learned in the first week of the New Student Orientation Institute. Thanks to the flexibility of the MYcroSchool model, we were able to nimbly add and remove a few things and change some things around.

My staff and I think the New Student Orientation Institute will make a big difference in student attendance, retention, and graduation.

by Principal Randy Starling