MYcroSchool Gainesville is Florida’s newest charter school. The facility is absolutely stunning. Why the need for a Beautification Project so soon? Principal Randy Starling is not one to side-step the opening goals of the organization. When the goal was to reach capacity the first month, the goal was reached with ease. And, enrollment has not slowed down since the yellow ribbon was cut.

So imagine a school at capacity, 250+ young adults, coming and going, all thriving in an environment where students can “master skills” and are surrounded by “teachers who care.” Trash happens.┬áIt did not take long for staff to see the need and Ms. Plotz to take the lead in organizing a Beautification Project!

Garbage cans were placed around outside the campus, student focus groups were held, volunteers stepped up, and trash found its rightful home attached to pick-up sticks and placed in Florida Gator buckets because it is simply the right thing to do! Students are currently competing in a contest that measures the volume of the most trash collected by an individual in one month’s time. Way to go!